Cost-effective immediate restoration in the anterior region of the mandible (iSy® by Camlog)
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Cost-effective immediate restoration in the anterior region of the mandible (iSy® by Camlog)

author: Dr. Dr. M. Wolf, Dr. Daniel Rein
indication: fixed bridge construction
02. October 2015

Many patients wish to have permanent dentures, and often this wish can be fulfilled by one of the greatest developments in modern dentistry: therapy with implants. However, the number of patients choosing this treatment option is still relatively small. There are two major reasons for this. 1. Due to the high costs of treatment, many people cannot afford implant therapy. 2. Long treatment periods are necessary as a rule, which reduces the acceptance of this therapeutic approach somewhat.

As a result, dentists are always on the lookout for cost-effective treatment strategies offering high patient comfort and, ideally, immediate temporary restoration of the implants. iSy® by Camlog offers a solution. The implant system consists of few components and provides efficient work processes. One of the benefits for users of the iSy system is that the iSy Implants, gingiva formers, multifunctional caps, and a single patient form drill are all included in a single set.


Case presentation

In the presented patient case, the objective was to find an economical prosthetic therapeutic solution based on implants. After diagnosis and consultation, the iSy® by Camlog Implant System was chosen for the standardized treatment with implants. In this case it was possible to provide the patient with a comfortable interim solution in a single session with open healing and immediate loading. The following documentation illustrates the lean process chain of iSy® by Camlog.