System overview

<h3><strong>Implant dentistry made iSy.</strong></h3> <p>Particularly when it comes to price, quality and efficiency.</p>

iSy Surgical and prosthetic set

Focus on simplicity: Developed for efficiency from the start, the clearly-arranged instrument tray ensures a focus on efficient implant treatment.

Round bur, Ø 3.5 mm

iSy® Pilot drill, Ø 2.8 mm

iSy® Direction and depth indicator

iSy® Direction and depth indicator

iSy® Tap, Ø 3.8 mm

iSy® Tap, Ø 4,4 mm

iSy® Tap, Ø 5,0 mm

iSy® Drill extension

iSy® ISO adapter

iSy® Tap adapter

iSy® Implant insertion tool, long, manual/wrench

iSy® Implant insertion tool, short, manual/wrench

iSy® Implant insertion tool ISO, short

iSy® Handle, for gingiva formers and caps, long

iSy® Abutment screwdriver, long

iSy® Abutment screwdriver, short

iSy® Abutment disconnector, short

iSy® Torque wrench

iSy® Guide and holding key

iSy® implant sets

iSy implants are avalaible as single implant set and a set of 4 implants. A Set includes implant(s), single patient form drill, gingiva former, multifunctional caps and pre-mounted implant bases. Cover caps come packed separately, and free of charge.

iSy® Single patient form drill

iSy® Implants

iSy® implants feature a pre-mounted implant base with the proven Promote® surface. After placement, the base remains on the implant and holds the healing cap, impression cap and temporary restoration without screws. The conical implant-abutment connection has a consistent internal diameter - one size fits all.

iSy® healing cap

The healing caps snap effortlessly onto the implant base. An impression of the soft tissue can be taken immediately.

iSy® Multifunctional cap

One for all: the multifunctional cap can be digitally scanned, used for conventional impression-taking and cuts a fine figure as a temporary base. The snap function mechanism requires no screw and ensures easy position transfer.

iSy® Adapter for guide and holding key

iSy® Hex screwdriver, long

iSy® Hex screwdriver, short

iSy® Cover cap

<p>For a complete system overview please go on page 16 of our <a href="" target="_blank">iSy Brochure</a>.</p>
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